Have you ever heard that Breakfast is “The most important meal of the day” ?

Breakfast refers to ‘Breaking The Fast’ which is the early morning meal. Breakfast is the source of good nutrients plus many advantages for example lowers the blood and carbohydrate level, more nutrients for diet and weight controller, metabolism and energy boost of your days, prevent you from starving and overeating. The following question is what should be your breakfast?

We should eat soft foods that are easy to digest. Here we go with the recommended breakfast;

1. Cereals or Cornflakes
Cereals or Cornflakes are small toast flakes of corn and grains which are the popular breakfast. You may add more fruits or milks or yogurt.

2. Eggs
Eggs are source of Protein, Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Eggs also help to improve your memory. We should not consume too much yolk since there is high cholesterol in yolk especially older person.

3. Vegetable and Fruits
Veggies and fruit are full with fiber, vitamins and minerals which is good starter of the days.

4. Fish
Fish loaded with Omega-3 and no fat also efficiently nourish your brain.

By : Sun2 : www.condothai.com