CBD of Bangkok

CBD of Bangkok

Have you ever wonder what CBD is and stands for? CBD is Central Business District where is business and commercial center and mostly located in the downtown. Since CBD is the center of business and commerce sectors there are high buildings, office centers, Department Stores, Transportations, 5 Stars Hotels and Etc. This makes CBD the most complete economic source. Today I proudly present the Bangkok’s CBD as the list below.

1. Silom and Sathorn
We all know that Silom and Sathorn are never missed the list of Thailand’s business area, there are many entrepreneurs invested in silom and Sathorn areas. Moreover, they are surrounded with the Public transportations like BTS and MRT that reach these areas to the high land value.

2. Wireless Road and Lumpini
These areas link to Silom and Sathorn areas, value of land is continuously growing up referred to many large land sales deals which could break the old record.

3. Early Sukhumvit
Early Sukhumvit is not only the source of business area but also well-known and attracted foreigners so these make property investors interested. Since Sukhumvit area has linked with many transportation, good image of hi-end lifestyles, various business and utilities sources, the land value of early Sukhumvit area always high and well-developed

I hope the above information could seek you some decision and the suitable business area.

By Sun2 : www.condothai.com